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Ground to Air Radios (GTA)



Legacy Compatible

The base station, mobile, or emergency comms- The URC-300 fits your application/CONOPS.  Maximized RF performance for close proximity operations, this portable transceiver is compliant to ETSI EN 300 676-1 for 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing.  Ideal for what you need, when and where. 

URC-300 transceiver

Since 1992 GDMS' Ground-to-Air (G2A) radios have provided clear, reliable communications to meet the dynamic communication requirements of air traffic control centers, commercial airports, and military air stations and range installations. With over 10,000 radios delivered, they are the first radios deployed in the National Airspace System (NAS) to support VoIP global standards and have quickly become the preferred choice of the FAA and DoD to replace legacy radios.

CM 300/350 V2 VolP ATC radios


According to the latest FAA Fielded Reliability Report, the CM-300/350 V2 radios average 695,000 hours Fielded Mean Time Between Failure (FMTBF) across 266 operational terminal sites monitored, making them one of the most reliable ATC radios in the world.


CM-350 (V2) UDX, VDX

URC300-0420 (002).jpg


The new software-defined URC-300™ Transceiver improves ground-to-air communications with an architecture that enables users to upgrade fielded radios as new technology becomes available. The URC-300 retains a familiar user-friendly interface from the URC-200 (V2) as well as many of the legacy accessories. Current features include:

  • Significant RF performance over the URC-200 (V2) for clearer communications during close-proximity operations

  • VHF/UHF AM Voice

  • 8.33kHz ETSI performance and CE marking for global operations

  • The customizable, software-defined platform enables future field-upgradeable enhancements

  • Designed to meet stringent FAA requirements


  • VHF and UHF AM capability provides interoperability with a variety of RF systems

  • ETSI EN 300 676-1 compliant for both 8.33kHz and 25kHz

  • Separate DC input powers radio and charges battery

  • Optional accessories to power from AC or DC source

  • Built-in power conditioning replaces external filter accessories

  • Smaller size and less weight than the URC-200 (V2); ideal for emergency grab-and-go

  • Adaptable to many applications, including manpack, rackmount, vehicular, and intercom

  • Side-by-side radios fit into a 19” rack for rackmount applications

  • Web-based configuration and monitoring tool for maintainers

  • Redesigned user interface with large, user-friendly display

  • Compatible with many of the legacy URC-200 family accessories


  • FM voice

  • 50W power amplifier

  • Additional accessories for vehicular, shipboard, backpack, and rackmount applications

  • The ciphertext (data)

  • 30 - 90 MHz frequency band

  • Remote Control Unit

  • ED-137 VoIP Gateway Adapter

  • Frequency agile site filter

  • Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR)


  • MIL-461G EMI / EMC

  • CE / RoHS / REACH / Radio Equipment Directive

  • FCC

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