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Corning Fiber Optic Cables

Carroll International named as a top ten international partner to Corning Optical Fiber!

When information security is most important, Corning and Carroll Communications are the partners you need.


When your mission is to ensure your organization's security, it is a must that your network infrastructure delivers secure and dependable capability a round the clock. If you are providing mission critical military communications or deploying security and surveillance systems, we will not fail you. We understand; we will help. Many government agencies have turned to us for leading-edge networking solutions offering security, scalability, and speed of deployment. Email Carroll International now to find out how we can help.


Why Corning Fiber and Carroll Comm:

  • Engineering Services are available 

  • World wide installations

  • Corning invented fiber optics

  • TAA Compliant 

  • World wide distribution and manufacturing

  • 25-year warranty

  • Onsite training 

  • Loyalty programs

  • Carroll sells all supporting products

  • Corning makes all matching connectors and fiber

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