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Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security Technology

The importance of monitoring this critical infrastructure cannot be understated and neither can the risks of leaving the infrastructure unmonitored. Everything from the environment, unapproved changes, to malicious intrusions can wreak havoc on the critical connections across a campus, city, and beyond.

Cyber Security

Infrastructure Cyber Security Threats

Information Technology and the transfer of data entail for 80%+ of the day to day functionality in today's world. This has created an immediate demand to keep our infrastructure across many industries safe and secure to protect out society and way of life.


This cyber security solution provides the remedy to these issues by giving you end-to-end, real-time visibility to your long-haul infrastructure health and security. By creating a sensor along the entire length of the cable, any event related to that cable is identified, tracked, and alarmed where necessary, reducing the potential risk for downtime or data security breaches.

Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System

  • Pinpoints exact location of disturbance events coupled with maps, live playbacks, and video integration

  • Identifies cable manipulation, handling, or potential damage to conduit

  • Low Installation cost, utilizing a single strand of SM cable

  • Compatible to integrate to CS IMS for alarm response management and scalability.

  • Focus delivers a high probability of detection while maintaining the lowest rate of nuisance and false alarms.

  • RMF accredited with Authority to Operate (ATO)

  • Developed in the United States by cleared personnel

  • Centralized Alarm Management

  • Rapid Alarm Dispatching

  • Integrates into Existing Alarm Management Systems

  • Integrated Standard Operating Procedures

  • Fiber ForensicsTM Technology

  • Optical Warning System

  • Web Client Interface

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