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Small Deployable Antennas

Carroll International is pleased to introduce its new line of small, deployable antenna terminals. The new product family includes terminals and the quick deploy terminals. The terminals are lightweight, rugged, and easy-to-use and deploy. They are available in a variety of reflector sizes and are BUC, LNB, and modem agnostic which allows the user to choose which configuration they want when ordering. In addition, the new terminals are IATA compliant which makes them easy-to-transport and allows them to be checked luggage on commercial flights.  Available thru Carroll International! 

In the aftermath of a natural disaster establishing reliable communications is critical. Communications connect local governments, first responders, and relief workers and enable them to coordinate logistics and key resources vital to rescue and recovery efforts. They provide hope to family and friends by allowing them to connect with loved ones.

However, terrestrial wireless equipment such as cell phones is only useful when ground-based infrastructure is in place. Often times during a natural disaster, critical infrastructure such as power lines and telecommunications towers are destroyed, leaving wireless devices useless.


Since satellite networks are not dependent on terrestrial infrastructure, they can be quickly deployed to establish immediate and critical access to wireless communications in areas affected by a disaster. This SATCOM technology offers a wide range of manual and automated antennas and terminals, available in a variety of configurations to quickly restore communications.

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