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Top 5 Questions We Get Asked at Carroll International

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

1. Do we work with commercial businesses, not in the federal space?

Absolutely! Here at Carroll International, we enjoy doing business with commercial businesses as well as the defense industrial base (DIB). In addition to IT solutions, we also offer telecommunications consulting services that befit all types of organizations. We have assisted commercial businesses with their telecommunication needs where we have been able to help cut their monthly telecommunication cost by 15% or more. Carroll International would be glad to work with any commercial business that can benefit from any of our products or services! As a benefit, commercial companies can be assured that the federal certifications we hold are hard-earned. The HUBZone and SDVOSB Certs are only awarded after a company goes through an in-depth financial, background, and business analysis to be sure that the certification companies meet up to the highest standards.

2. Do you have to be a veteran to work for Carroll International?

No, you do not need to be a veteran to start your career at Carroll International. Over 80% of our employees are veterans and we are passionate about supporting our veterans, however, you do not have to be one to join our team!. A position on the Carroll International team requires high levels of engagement with government executives. With that being said, relationships at the senior levels of government and top-level systems can require an ability to obtain a DoD clearance. While being a veteran is not mandatory, being a patriot is highly recommended! You can find more information about starting a career with us on our website!

3. Why is Carroll International so passionate about serving the federal government?

We believe in the United States of America, what it stands for and what it does for its people. We serve the federal government, ethically and honestly providing them with the products and solutions they need in order to continue their mission. We believe the more we serve the federal government by providing top-of-the-line products and services, the more the federal government can support America’s citizens. The USA has done more to expand freedom, give rights to the oppressed, feed the hungry, and free enslaved people than any other entity in the history of humankind. We believe in her and want her to have the best contractors available. Not all contractors see America this way, many just see a piggy bank that they will cheat and steal from.

4. Where do we see Carroll International in 5 years?

In 5 years, we imagine that Carroll International will be one of the world’s most prominent distribution companies, supplying the needs of the U.S federal government and her allies as a top prime contractor. We will continue to provide the best products and solutions while taking the best care possible of our customers and teammates. Carroll International would love for our name to be mentioned anytime there is a need for any of our products and services and we plan to expand our network both in the United States and overseas.

5. Carroll International has been accused of having an almost fanatical drive to meet the compliance requirements of the most demanding federal government agency, the Department of Defense. Why is that?

We understand that this occupation consists of high standards, high consequences, and high rewards. We are passionate about serving the Department of Defense and the intrinsic benefits that we gain by doing so are worth the extreme vetting and being completely compliant. We take pride in being able to meet the plethora of requirements needed to work with the Department of Defense! Our customers hold us to a high standard. By meeting compliance requirements, we are showing them that we are a reliable and dedicated company that will go the extra mile to deliver what is expected of us.

Written By: Jordan Samon, Byron Carroll, and Christine Carroll

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