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Carroll International

Getting the Best Gear into the Right Hands

About Us

Carroll International is a proud US-based, veteran-owned, small business. Our mission is to support America and its allies with solutions that optimize mission capabilities. 

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Carroll International is a sales force multiplier, representing our clients in the U.S. federal and international markets. We offer business consulting, marketing, and contracting services to assist our clients in diversifying their markets and pipelines.


Our spectrum of services includes product supply, project management of installations, and assessments. 

We offer a broad portfolio of innovative products and services in telecommunications, tactical networking, mobile communication, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions. 


Carroll International brings together our experienced staff with partner companies to help us fulfill our commitment to customer satisfaction.


HUBZONE Certification Carroll Communications

HUBZone Certified

Carroll Communications is a Certified Small Buisness with the SBA

Small Business Certified

dunn and brad street and SAM Communications Company

Veteran Owned Company Certified

Carroll Communications is a service disable veteran owned small business

​Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company Certified

Who We Serve

Federal Civilian



Carroll International is a value added partner and trusted advisor to a number of federal civilian agencies. 


We provide insightful information, cutting-edge technology, and strategic consulting services that your agency needs to help maximize return on investment and achieve the mission.


When you work with us, we provide years of experience in the government contracting sector combined with superior knowledge in cybersecurity.  

We have access to a large portfolio of suppliers and can develop the right solution for you. 

National Security, Intelligence & Defense


We provide tailored solutions to the most complex challenges facing government clients in the national security, intelligence, and defense communities.


Whether you are protecting critical networks and infrastructure, investigating criminal activities, securing critical communications, targeting terrorists or narcotics traffickers, or analyzing sensitive intelligence—we can help.


We partner with the best names in defense equipment manufacturing to meet the unique needs of our clients in the national security.

We have a proven past performance




We provide solutions for the private sector and have worked with small to large commercial companies on developing cybersecurity awareness and increasing software capabilities of private businesses. 

We are a third party, vendor neutral, telecommunications consulting company with relationship to over 60+ telecommunications companies around the nation ready to quote voice and data services. 

We can work on providing for your telecommunications needs across all US markets. SD WAN, Cloud, Point to Points, POTs, HSI circuits are all available.

We are loyal to you - the customer, in any situation.


238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
314999 - All Other Miscellaneous Textile Product Mills
334111 - Electronic Computer Manufacturing
334112 - Computer Storage Device Manufacturing
334210 - Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing
334220 - Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing
334290 - Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing
334310 - Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing
334419 - Other Electronic Component Manufacturing
334614 - Software and Other Prerecorded Compact Disc, Tape, and Record Reproducing
335921 - Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturing
335999 - All Other Miscellaneous Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing
339113 - Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing -
423450 - Medical, Dental, and Hospital Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
423690 - Other Electronic Parts and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
453998 - All Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers (except Tobacco Stores)
511210 - Software Publishers
515210 - Cable and Other Subscription Programming
517410 - Satellite Telecommunications
517911 - Telecommunications Resellers
517919 - All Other Telecommunications
519190 - All Other Information Services
531120 - Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings
541310 - Architectural Services
541320 - Landscape Architectural Services
541330 - Engineering Services
541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services
541512 - Computer Systems Design Services
541519 - Other Computer Related Services



811213 - Communication Equipment Repair and Maintenance

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